A Grandma's Lullaby

When Grandma rocked her babies many years ago. Grandma sang a lovely melody. Now when I rock my baby, Grandma's soothing words come ecohing across the years to me. Tur ala, tur ala, tur ala lie, tur ala lura dear baby don't cry. Tur ala, tur ala, tur ala lie, time now to sleep, play things will keep, tur ala, tur ala her lullabies, ecohing, tura lura lura baby dear, tura lura lura go to sleep to a Grandma's lullaby.

I think I bought a cassette of lullabies from Discovery Toys back around 1985. It had this lullaby on it. I lent the cassette to a friend and now it is gone. My daughter just had a baby girl of her own, and she wants me to try and find that collection of lullabies and/or the music and lyrics to this lullaby so she can sing to her new baby daughter. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. It would mean so much to the three of us!


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Jun 26, 2013
Grandma's Lullaby
by: Emily

Thank you everyone. The alphabet song was on there too. I will contact you! Thanks!

Apr 26, 2013
The Discovery Toys Songs
by: Katie

The Discovery Toys tape that you are looking for is now made as a CD called "Sounds Like Learning". I'd love to help you get it! Please feel free to email me burfordabode@triad.rr.com or check out my website and www.discoverytoys.com/kburford

Apr 24, 2013
The song you wanted
by: Anonymous

Barbara Milne Sounds Like Learning

Apr 21, 2012
1980s Cassette from Discovery Toys
by: Anonymous

I am a new grandma too.. I was looking for a cassette tape that I had when my kids were little.. It was a discovery tape. It had the alphabet song.. Apple, Apple, A A A, Baby. Baby, B B B.etc.. I have no idea who the artist was...

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