Favorite Baby Lullabies

Here are our favorite baby lullabies. Many have stood the test of time. Some are new. All are extraordinarily beautiful songs. We hope your household enjoys them as much as ours does. Play them for your baby and let us know. We love to hear the stories.

One mother in Massachusetts sent us a wonderful story. She told us that her daughter loved Amy's music and asked her to play it over and over again. They listened together and it was also her bedtime music. It turned out that her daughter wasn't the only fan.

The next day, there was a knock on their apartment door. It was the mother from the apartment downstairs. She had come up to find out what the music was because her son wanted to hear the "angel music."

Hope you enjoy this music as much as those children in Massachusetts.

Amy & Tim

Brahms Lullaby

All Through the Night

Amazing Grace

A Nighttime Blessing


Toora Loora Loora

Suo Gan (Sleep My Baby)

Wild Mountain Thyme

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