Baby Music Ideas

5 Baby Music Ideas

We all have heard that music is important in the development of our baby's brains. Here are 5 baby music ideas you can use right now. If you'd like more, check out our online music course for new moms called Mommy Jingles.

1) Humm. Humming does not have to have any kind of a melody and some babies aren't developmentally ready for full singing.  Humming is especially effective if you and your baby are skin to skin and heart to heart on your chest. With a toddler just snuggle up and start! Fun fact - llamas hum when their bored.

2) In energy work, the sound of the heart chakra is an “Ahhhh.” Hold your infant on your chest so that you two are heart to heart. Focus on the love you have for your child and say or sigh “Ahhhhh."  Breath in slowly and repeat.

3) Talk with your baby in a sing-song voice that rises and falls in an exaggerated way.

4) Sing your baby's name to them over and over in different ways.

5) Tap a rhythm gently on your baby’s back either while you sing or as you listen to music. Sway to rhythms that you hear throughout the day.

Bonus idea:  Rocking your baby is rythmic so gentle rocking in your arms for in a rocking chair is interacting musically.

By incorporating music and rhythm into your day with your baby,, you are creating a “sound” foundation that will benefit them for a lifetime.

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