a little nighty night music, a song of sweet repose

a little nighty night music-I love this little song

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Feb 04, 2019
Precious Moments - Lullabies for Little Ones NEW
by: Anonymous

I finally found Precious Moments - Lullabies for Little Ones at themusiclocator.com thank you!

Jan 15, 2019
Precious Moments Lullabies for Little’s
by: Anonymous

Yes! So happy for you to have found a copy! I have been searching EVERYWHERE for this music. My daughter is having her own baby as well. I literally wore out the cassette over 20 years ago. PLEASE share with us!

Jan 14, 2019
Found it!
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to let everyone know I managed to find the cassette on Ebay unopened! I dont have a way to transfer it to cd or digital yet but when i figure it out I will post on here and share it with everyone. I listened to this with my mom when I was a toddler. We both cried when we heard it again. I would love to share it with everyone so you can feel that too!

Dec 31, 2018
Precious memories children songs
by: Anonymous

Looking for a cassette I played to my gchildren 20-25 yrs ago. 1st 5 will be over 30 in 2019. Sing-a-longs, one referring to Betty Crocker. We played it for years until it was misplaced.

Apr 25, 2018
Clippy-Clop musicians NEW
by: g-ma

If you haven't found the answer to your question: who sings this. etc. CLIPPY-CLOP, MUSIC BY BONNIE & DAVID HUNTSINGER; LYRICS BY BONNIE AND DAVID HUNTSINGER AND ROD STONE. I HAVE THE BOX BUT WOULD LOVE TO FIND THE CASSETTE OR A CD. PLAYED IT IN CAR WHILE TRAVELING WITH G/CHILDREN. Address on box: Western Publishing Company, Inc. Racine, WI 53404. No clue if they are still in business.

Sep 13, 2017
I got it. NEW
by: Grandpa Jim

E-mail sent your gmail. It's a Godsend for sure. Had to put it on CD. Played it for my son 24 years ago and now for grandson...went from 45 mins of sleep a day to 3.5 hours during my watch. Good Christian Music for babies and very relaxing for adults.

May 15, 2017
Clippy clop NEW
by: Anonymous

Did anyone ever find this, or remember the singer? We also had the tape and want the music again. Where can we find and buy it? Rwfoltz@gmail.com or text 480-206-9340. Thankseureka

Dec 29, 2015
Found it! NEW
by: Anonymous

I found a website online and orderded this in cd format. Seems to be the right but havent listened all the way through yet.. Ordered by emailing themusiclocator@yahoo.com and paying with paypal.. Website www.themusiclocator.com

Jun 24, 2014
Looking for this cassette as well
by: Cricket

I had this cassette back in the 90s when my daughter was a baby - purchased it from Avon. Now she has her own daughter and I would love to find this music again, but the artist on the cassette. If I remember correctly, it was a gospel singer that recorded these, but I'm not sure of which one. Any help finding these songs by the artist on the cassette would be appreciated. She had a beautiful voice!

Apr 21, 2014
A Little Nighty-Night Music
by: Sue

I also have been searching to find this song & a few others from this cassette. I absolutely love the songs and my children as well. It was a gift from their Grandpa and now we would like to pass down the songs to our grandchildren. I have been able to find some of the songs from online music to create/burn my own CD - but these are the songs I cannot find anywhere:

1. A Little Nighty-night Music
2. Clippy Clop (Found Online)
3. Evening Clouds
4. Dance to your Daddy (Found Online)
5. Mighty Like a Rose
6. Sleeping Beauty
7. All the Pretty Little Horses (Found Online)
8. Lullaby, Oh Lullaby
9. Precious Moments Lullaby
10.My Little Angel
11.All Through the Night (Found Online)

The most special one I want to find the first one "A Little Nighty-Night Music". If anybody finds a version that can be downloaded from a music website ~ please let me know where found. It holds very dear precious memories for us.

Thank you so much & God Bless!

Dec 08, 2012
It's the first song on this cassette
by: Anonymous

Precious Moments
"Lullabies for Little Ones"

A Little Nighty-Night Music/
Evening Clouds/
Dance To Your Daddy/
Mighty Like A Rose/
Sleeping Beauty/
All The Pretty Little Horses/
Lullaby, Oh Lullaby/
Precious Moments Lullaby/
My Little Angel/
All Through The Night/

The above songs are sung on one side and there are instrumental versions on the other side.

I bought this cassette when my now 16-year-old was a baby. These songs now make me cry. It's a BEAUTIFUL tape, and I'm sure you can find one on either Amazon or E-Bay.

May 20, 2012
I am looking for the Cass album title this was on
by: iisrosered

I love that lullabye. it was on my grand daughter's cassette and I have misplaced it. Now I am going to be a great grandmother and would like to play it for the new baby. Where can I find it? I have searched ebay, amazon, google etc and this is the only link I've found that even mentions it. I prefer it on CD but still have a cassette player so that would be fine too. HELP!

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