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Angel baby cradles

Sun comes up, birds I hear.
Morning angels gather here.
Wake my mind, my spirit too.
Be always with me in all I do.

In your arms and in your sight,
please change my thoughts to what is right

Day moves on, you are near.
Guardian angels gather here.

As I go throughout my day,
be always with me in every way

Guardian angels gather here.
Be with me from year to year

Sun goes down, stars appear.
Evening angels gather here.

Watch o’er our home as we sleep.
Into our sweet dreams you peep.

Evening angels gather here.
Bring us joy and release all fear.

I thank my angels.
When day is done.
They have been with me from sun to sun

Every morn I wake to see smiling Angels greeting me.
Wondrous angels gather here.
Be always with me and hear my prayer.

Wondrous angels, they gather here.
Be always with me and hear my prayer.

Background Information

After getting our mail one day, I was browsing a catalog. As I leafed through the pages, there was a picture of a sign that said “Angels Gather Here”. For some reason, it caught my eye and now it is a song that to help people refocus on the love that surrounds us all.

It's adapted a bit to fit this collection. If you'd like to see the original version, head over to the Angels Gather Here page.

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