Appalachian Lullaby (?)

Sleep my baby the angels keep you from harm and your father above cradles you with his love safe and warm

my now 12 yr old daughter and i were reminiscing and we could not recall the words to this lullaby. i used to sing it to her from birth till about 7 yrs old. This was on a cassette tape someone handed down to me. I didn't have it when my older kids were born, so they don't know it and my "baby" feels this is a special song i sang just to her......

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Jun 18, 2017
Also on this album NEW
by: Kristy B

I don't know the credits but I know it is also on the album Called Nightlight Unplugged by Tanya Goodman Sykes. Here is a link to the song/album on YouTube

Apr 30, 2017
Song Background NEW
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know the song credits for "Appalachian Lullaby" on this album. I'm trying to research the background of this song song I can't find it anywhere. I just recently recorded it with some other fabulous musicians in Asheville, NC. This song has very special meaning for me.

Sep 11, 2015
Link to CD on Amazon
by: Anonymous

Here's a link to the CD on Amazon...

Child's Gift of Lullabyes

Feb 01, 2014
I Know It!!!
by: Anonymous

A child's gift of lullabies. Walmart and Amazon have it. I bought it for my son because I lost my tape. Now I'm trying to find the storytelling part. Hope this helps!!


Sep 26, 2013
Yes this is the title, I know the words
by: KristyB

I LOVE this song. It was on a CD of lullabies I had for my son who just turned 13 9/15/00. This along with "Cradle of Love" and "Nappy Time". I learned them all and sang them myself to him & my youngest son born 5 years later. I lost the CD & have gone crazy trying to find it. I don't know what it was called. I posted the other 2 lullabies on here. Anyway, the words to Appalachian Lullaby are:

Well I love my baby sweet and fair; got the sky in your eyes, the sun in your hair.
I rock you to sleep most every night and sing you this song as I hold you tight.
Sleep my baby... the angels keep you from harm, and father above cradles you in his love, sweet and warm.
Sleep my baby, nestled in your mama's arms
Sleep my baby, the angels keep you from harm.


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