brahms lullaby

"draw close to my breast to guard thee in rest : as the morning shall break all the earth is awake (repeat second line)" - this lullaby is very poignant to me for several reasons - as a kid (in knee pants!!) i dimly remember my brother and i being on a stage somewhere in grimsby lincolnshire uk singing this as a duet - i am now a grandad for the first time (baby aleah 8 weeks old) and this is one of the tunes my daughter plays to her on one of those musical soothers which her and the baby seem to like.

my daughter hummed the tune and i was able to tell her it was brahms lullaby - and the few words i knew - so it would be really nice to have all the lyrics so we could both sing it to aleah that would refresh a distant memory for me and pass it on to the next generation in my family line.

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Nov 23, 2013
two versions
by: Kathleen

I am 84 years old and remember the following words.

Slumber gently, goodnight,
Bright stars shed their light,
Go to sleep, go to sleep,
In a fairy;and of dreams,
When the sun lights the pane,
God will wake thee again,
When the sun lights the pane,
God will wake thee again.

And here is a link of Dean Martin singing a different version.

I hope that will please you.

Nov 28, 2011
Brahms Lullaby Lyrics
by: Amy Robbins-Wilson

You'll find the words to Brahms Lullaby at this link.

Or just click on the Top 10 page to the left and head for #6.

Have fun with your new granddaughter. She's lucky to have a grandfather like you.

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