Candy Castles?

by Jonna T

I used to listen to this on a tape I had when I was little and it was just beautiful. I want to learn it so I can sing it for my children. The only lines I remember are:
"Candy castles in the sky,
Pretty moonbeams floating by..."
"Flour doves with violet eyes.
Peppermint shoes with licorice ties.
Bluebells ringing in the air.
Tiny, fuzzy teddy bear.
Strawberry breezes sweetly blow.
Lemonade rivers gently flow..."

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Oct 14, 2012
Thank you!!
by: Jonna T

Yes!! Thats it!!

Oct 14, 2012
Here are the lyrics
by: Mom of teen & adult

Just found our old cassette All Time Favorite Childrens Songs:

Candy castles in the sky
Pretty moonbeams floating by
Little people playing games
Call each other funny names

Little trees with lemon drops
Gingerbread men with candy props
Little ginger boys and girls
Raisin eyes and sugar curls

[repeats from here]
Flowered elves with violet eyes
Peppermint shoes with licorice ties
Bluebells ringing in the air
Tiny fuzzy teddy bears

Strawberry breezes sweetly blow
Lemonade rivers gently flow
Tiger lillies lick their paws
Comb their hair and trim their claws

Hands all folder as in prayer
Little girl a-sleeping there
Pretty moonbeams floating by
Candy castles in the sky

Jul 02, 2012
another line
by: Anonymous

I know there is another line that goes:

Tiger lilies lick their paws,
comb their hair, and trim their claws...

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