Close your eyes now and rest like a bird in its nest

Used to sing to my now 8 year old daughter and now I have two young girls. It's was a Disney book if that helps. Does anyone know the rest?

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May 22, 2022
Elmo’s Lullaby NEW
by: Anonymous

The sun had set on sesame street, and the stars were starting to shine.
It was time for all good little boys, girls, and monsters to soft go to bed.
Elmo was tucked in, all snug and warm, as his mommy sang a special lullaby with words made up just for him.

Lullaby, kiss goodnight In the glow of a night-light.
Lay down, sleepy head In Elmo's soft bed.
Close your eyes now and rest like a bird in its nest
Close your eyes now and rest you know you are loved best.
Thanks to his mommy's special lullaby, Elmo slept souldly all night.

The next morning Elmo woke up bright and early.
As he blinked his eyes and stretched his arms out wide, Elmo remembered the pretty song his mommy sang to him and decided right then and there that lullabies were his very favorite kind of music.

Elmo wondered if all of his friends knew about this kind of song.
Elmo threw back the covers, tumbled out of bed, and darted out the door.
He couldn't wait to share his lullaby!

The first people Elmo saw were Bert and Ernie, out for a walk with Bert's pigeon, Bernice.
"Hey!" shouted Elmo. "Hey, Ernie! Hey, Bert! Hey, Pigeon! Elmo has to tell you something!"
"Gee, Elmo," said Ernie, "it sounds important!"
"Oh, it is!" said Elmo. " Elmo wants to tell you about Elmo's bubblefly!"
Then he giggled.
"Oops! Elmo means his loobylie!"
When Bert and Ernie looked a little puzzled, Elmo added, "You know! Elmo's bedtime song!"
"Ohhh!" said Bert. "A lullaby!"
"Of course!" said Elmo. "That's what Elmo said! Elmo will sing a foolafly for you."
Then Elmo opended his mouth to sing, but nothing came out.
He opened and shut his mouth a few more times.

Elmo had forgotten his special lullaby!
No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remember how it went.
Instead of feeling sad, though, Elmo dicided he would just make one up.

"Okay, here goes!" said Elmo.
He took a deep breath and began to sing in his loudest voice.
"Shake, shake, shake your fingers! shake, shake, shake your toes! Elmo's la-la-lollypie, this is how it goooees!"
As he sang, Elmo did a bouncy dance.

Elmo's new song did not make anyone sleepy.
In fact, it startled Bernice so much, she flew straight up into the air.
"But I don't think it is a lullaby. It sounds more like a wiggle-around, jump-up-and-down-song."

Elmo didn't understand. "But Elmo likes to wiggle. Elmo likes to jump, too!"
"There's nothing wrong with loud, fast songs," said Ernie.
"But lullabies are soft and slow"

Elmo remembered that his mommy's lullaby had been like that.
"If Elmo sings his song real quiet and slow, then will it be a flubblesigh?" he asked.

"Well, a lullaby has sleepy-sounding words, like moonbeam and dreamland," said Bert, "because a lullaby is a song to help you feel sleepy!"
Then Elmo, Bert, and Ernie practiced singing soft, slow, sleepy-sounding songs... until Elmo started to yawn!
"Elmo thinks that lullabies are his very favorite kind of music... for bedtime," he said.
only, Elmo isn't ready to hear one just yet."
Ernie snickered. "In the daytime, wiggly, jumpy music is much better!"
Even Bert agreed. "Polka, anyone?"

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