Creed Lullaby

The Creed Lullaby is profound in it's simplicity and purity. We love this song because the voice is clearly in the forefront of the song and the music is truly accompaniment. Also, it is a classic lullaby that would go extremely well in any bedtime routine.

Creed Lullaby with Lyrics

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Creed Lullaby Lyrics

This is a gloriously beautiful song from a dad whose message is gentle but unequivocal - "Just give love to all." It is the same simple, foundational message that Jesus gave his disciples. This is one of the very best true lullabies of modern times in our humble opinion.

Creed Lullaby Lyrics

About Creed

Creed originated in Florida and is one of the most commercially successful bands of recent times. While critics hammered on the band for a perceived lack of originality, the band was selling millions of albums and being awarded 3 Grammies. Stresses and strains within the group caused a breakup which was healed in 2009. Wonderful to have them back.

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