Crying Baby Ideas and Support

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The first thing to do when you have a crying baby is to take your own temperature. How are you? Do you need a visit to our Parent Relaxation Center?

If not, congrats! You are an awesome parent with nerves of steel!

When your baby's crying, check the easiest things first. Are the basics covered?

__ Baby fed?

__ Diaper changed?

__ Right amount of clothing? (I tended to overdress my poor boy and he would get a bit overheated.)

To change your baby's crying, try changing something through one of their senses - change what they see, hear, feel, taste or smell.

To change what your baby sees
__ Turn the lights on
__ Turn the lights off
__ Give the baby to your spouse and take a break
__ If you’re inside go out
__ If you’re outside, go in
__ Hold the baby in front of your face
__ Hold the baby in front of a window
__ Hold the baby in front of a mirror
__ Turn on the TV or, if already on, turn it off
__ Hold them in front of a fish tank
__ Practice your baby signs with them
__ Hold different patterns in front of them. (I used Tim’s Hawaiian shirts.)

Change what your baby hears
__ Sing a lullaby to them (my favorite)
__ Play a lullaby for them
__ Hush at them – loudly (sounds like the womb)
__ Use a womb sound toy (see our store for ideas).
__ Have dad talk or sing a lullaby to them
__ Turn on a radio or the stereo (sometimes static works best)
__ Put them in a sling and vacuum your house or apartment

Change what your baby feels
__ Take them for a drive
__ Put them in a baby sling
__ Swaddle them and try putting them in different positions.
__ Kangaroo Care.  Undress them and lay them on your bare chest.  Hum to them (especially dads – babies love rhythmic bass notes)
__ Put them in a bouncy seat and bounce it
__ Put them in a swing and swing it
__ Give them a pacifier
__ Give them a baby massage
__ Try baby exercises.  Lie them on their back and gently clap their hands or feet
__ Try burping them
__ Walk around your space
__ Dance around your space
__ Rock them in a rocking chair
__ Take them for a stroller ride
__ Change their clothes
__ Give them a bath

Finally, ask your doctor about changing their taste or smell.  Obviously, alcohol, caffeine, soda, etc are NOT appropriate.  However, dipping a clean pacifier in some diluted lemonade or orange juice and then giving it to a crying baby might just cause lip smacking and end the nerve racking.

If these changes don’t do the trick, you’re baby has a lot to say.  Just wait until they learn to talk!  Rest assured that you are doing everything possible to comfort your child.  Put on some soothing music for you or call a friend for support if you need it.  Never forget you are a wonder and that this phase will pass in time.

According to our baby class instructor, if your baby cries for 3 hours or more, contact your doctor for advice.  And if you are ever concerned, call anyway.

Listen to Angels Watch Over My Baby Boy
Listen to Angels Watch Over My Baby Girl

These lullabies are from the CD The Divine Hours of Motherhood – Lullabies and Prayers for Mothers and Babies.

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