goodnight my little bunny

goodnight my little bunny the moon is on the rise, its time to go to bed now, close those sleepy eyes

this was a lullaby I read to my nearly 21yr old daughter. I would like to give it to her as a gift. and read it to her 4yr old sister

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Jan 16, 2023
Kate Gleeson's Little Bunny's Special Dream
by: Page

Goodnight my little bunny, the moon is on the rise.
It's time to go to dreamland, now close your sleepy eyes. Dream about the summertime, when days are long and sunny. Playing in the garden makes if fun to be a bunny. Dream about the autumn when everyone trick or treat and pumpkin pie and playing in the leaves. Dream about the winter, when snowflakes fill the air. The holidays a special time to show how much we care. Dream about the springtime, new birds in every nest. Jelly beans and rainbows...which season is the best? Sweet dreams, my little bunny, and when the night is'll wake up to a brand new day to make your dreams come true!

By Caroline Kennemuth A Golden Book Copyright 1994 Western Publishing Company

Mar 19, 2019
I also need this book
by: Anonymous

Hi - did you ever find the name of this book ?
I used to read it to my 14 year old daughter and she has regressed back to a 4 year old and needs the book !!!!!



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