Hush a Wee Bonnie

Hush a wee bonnie,
Baby lie still
Mummy and daddy away to the mill
When they come home
Ye'll get bonnie your fill
So, hush a wee bonnie
Baby lie still.

This song was sung by my grandmother Nellie, to her children and grandchildren. She was from Belfast NI. and worked as a spinner in the mills from the age of 8 till she left to come to the US. She was born in 1893. I have searched for this lullaby everywhere, even asked many people in and around Belfast if they ever heard it. No results thus far. Nellie had a lovely lilting Irish soprano voice and this little song was what I remember most.

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Jan 13, 2023
Happy other know of Hush a Wee Bonnie NEW
by: Patty

I'm so glad my little Irish song has a bit of interest, and others can remember it too! I now sing this to my grandbabies, and can hopefully pass it to another generation. It's too precious to be forgotten. Belfast has a lot of Scottish roots, so I surmise some of the words might reflect this, as my grandmother Nellie said she spoke Gaelic as a child, and her surname has a Scottish spelling.

Jan 02, 2023
Belfast NEW
by: Catherine

My partner’s mummy sings this to my wee boy, slightly different wording like the others - hush a wee babbie, and porridge rather than bonnie! We’re from Belfast too

Feb 25, 2022
looking for more words myself NEW
by: Anonymous

Im from Belfast and mum and dad sung a very similar lullaby to me and my siblings. I too, was looking for more words, what we were sung was

Hush a wee babbie wee babbie lie still
Cause your mammie and daddie's away to the mill
and when they come back you'll have porridge a-fill
so hush a wee babbie, wee babbie lie still

Apr 23, 2021
by: Jean Laster

From my Scottish roots, a very similar lullaby learned from my father and grandmother. I used to sing it to my children and their children when they were babies.

Oh, husha wee babbie lie still and sleep soon.
Your faither an mither hae gone to the toun.
But you shall hae sweeties and they shall hae nane
Until they come home again.

Jul 03, 2018
Must be a belfast thing NEW
by: Anonymous

My mammy sang this to me and I sing it to my wee twin babies. I'm from Belfast also and my great grany was a spinner.

Hush a wee baaby wee baaby lie still,
Your Mammy and Daddy have gone to the mill, when they come home you'll have bannocks your fill, hush a wee baaby wee baaby lie still.

Bannock is a type of irish bread with dried fruit in it.

Nov 09, 2015
Lullaby NEW
by: George

My gran who we used to call mumma, used to sing the same. She also was from Belfast. I was looking to see if there was more chorus's, but seems to be this short for everyone

Feb 20, 2013
mee too!
by: Anonymous

My granny sang it but slightly different again:
Husha wee baby wee baby lie still
Your mammy and daddy're away to the mill
When they come back you'll have pancakes your fill
So husha wee baby wee baby lie still

Sep 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

My gran, which we could mumma sang the same song to us with a slight difference, but again from Belfast. My mums side of the family. So glad to hear a story from it.
Hush awee babba
Wee babba lie still
Your mamma and pappa have gone to the mill
And when they get back your have pockets to fill so
Hush awee babba wee babba lie still

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