i'd like a pickle i the middle

Not really sure that it qualifies as a lullaby but it was a childrens song that came in a book with a tape (from the 90's) . Here are the words i know. its pretty silly but it was my favorite sog when i was little.

Verse 1: eaely in the morning when my tummy starts to _____......and i wantsomething to eat....

Chorus: i'd like a pickle in the middle, ketchup on top and onions on the side. Peanut butter and jelly would really fill my belly and id like some bacon fried. Put on some cheese and mustard please and dont forget the chips........to fit between my lips.

Verse 2: im going on a picnic and i want something to eat.....

Chorus again

Verse 3: something about dinner or a midnight snack

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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