I'm going to write to Daddy and oh how glad he'll be

My grandmother used to sing it to me.

Does anyone know it?

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Aug 26, 2021
Memories NEW
by: Marie Hoover

I was born 1949. My mother used to sing this song to me. "I’m going to write to Daddy. I think he’d want to know what his little girl is doing the same as when he’s home. I’ll tell him bout my dolly, she’s sleeping on the floor I fear the noise will wake her. O please don’t slam the door. I’ll give him lots of kisses and one bright shining star. For I know he’s very lonely for his only little girl."

May 19, 2021
Melody? NEW
by: Anonymous

What is the melody?

Mar 04, 2021
Brought from Ireland NEW
by: Judy

My mother told me that her father brought this song from Ireland. He emigrated to America before 1877. If so, it is a very old Irish song. She said he sang it to her when she was a child. She was born in 1904. I have a recording of her singing it about 1980.

I'm going to write to Papa....

Jun 11, 2018
I,m going to Write to Daddy NEW
by: Anonysusiemous

I was born in 1553. My grandmother sang it to my mom, she sang it to me and my 6 siblings. I sang it to my children I thought I would find it on line. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Feb 16, 2017
My Own Song from my Dad era 1943 --- NEW
by: Anonymous

My Dad, Ben Roethler, of Osage, Iowa amoung other places had a song for each of us 4 kids. I remember it first in Duluth Minnesota. It was sung from 1943 on up. I was then 4 years old. He would play his Spanish style guitar and sing to us four kids most every night. It went like this:
"I'm going to write to Daddy
I know how glad he'll be
To get a little letter
That's written all by me.
I'll tell him about my dolly
Who's sleeping on the floor
Be sure you do not wake her
Oh Please, don't slam the door.
I'll send him lots of Kisses
And one bright shinny curl
So that he will remember
His Darling little Girl."
I have since sang it to my daughters. I remember cutting off a curl, putting it in an envelope, and stamping it (sorta) and handing it to Daddy when he came home from work. I also had my doll placed 'behind the door.' Oh, to go Back!!
Pat Blanchard Mason City, Iowa

Oct 22, 2015
This is the version my mom sang to me
by: Anonymous

im going to write to daddy and o how proud he'll be to get a little letter that's written i'll by me i'll send him lots of kisses and one bright shiny curl and ask him to remember his little green eye'd girl.

Jul 20, 2015
I'm going to write to Papa
by: Tru

I'm going to write to Papa,
and oh how glad he'll be,
to get a little letter,
that was written all by me.

I'll tell him 'bout my dolly,
a sleeping on the floor,
I fear that noise will wake her,
so please don't slam the door.

I'll send him hugs and kisses,
and one bright shining curl,
so he will never forget,
his own dear little girl.

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