Jack Johnson Lullaby

Jack Johnson Lullaby does a great job capturing the sentiments of a man who must leave home for his work but will be home soon. So he leaves a lullaby behind to comfort his spouse or partner and also to try to do something conciliatory about his leaving i.e. to make himself feel better about leaving home. He has to leave because that's what he does, but he doesn't want to leave the one he loves. The classic wishbone that so many of us have felt.

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Jack Johnson Lullaby Lyrics

These lyrics catch a man in the process of leaving for his job and telling his family not to cry and to sing this lullaby themselves since he can't be there.

Jack Johnson Lullaby Lyrics

Jack Johnson Background

Many of us will recognize Jack Johnson's voice from the film Curious George as he is the lullaby singer who sang the songs and his biggest commercial success is the result of that effort.

He's an interesting fellow who grew up on the north shore of Oahu in a surfing family with a world class surfing dad. You can hear the rolling rhythms of the surf in his music if you listen closely.

He also works tirelessly to promote the charities and causes that he believes in. He's a father as well and you can hear that as well in the Jack Johnson Lullaby.

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