Little angel from up above, sent from paradise

by Maryann

My mom used to sing me a lullaby and she now wants to sing it to her new great grand daughter, but she can't remember the words. All we know is...
"Little angel from up above, sent from paradise"
"Little angel from up above, the sandman is on his way"

I would appreciate any help you can give me. My mom thinks that Bing Crosby sang it.


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Dec 14, 2018
Harry Owens and Bing Crosby Sweet Hawaiian Chimes/ Little Angel NEW
by: Colleen

My dad sang this song to me and I sang it to my children. You can get the LP record on ebay if you type in Harry Owens Bing Crosby Sweet Hawaiian Chimes. The DECO LP has Sweet Hawaiian Chimes on one side and Little Angel on the other. Please let this song stay alive with the future. It's the most precious lullaby not to be forgotten. My children are older now and it touched them as it touched me as a child. Live on Little Angel!!

Nov 13, 2018
Very old lullaby NEW
by: Burt Chateau

Yes Bing Crosby did sing this song. I first heard it on an old 78 platter. I sang it to my daughter for a long time at her bedtime.

Aug 01, 2018
Lulaby NEW
by: Anonymous

Little angel from above sent from paradise,
I'm so glad they sent you to mommy and me.
How we waited oh so long, to sing sweet Tori song,
Hear you whisper "daddy play with me"
Your little hands are rosebuds that flutter in the breeze,
Your eyes are pools of starlight on a summers Eve.
Many more things could be said, turn your little head,
Close your eyes the sandmans on his way.

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