Mommy Jingles

“...takes the stress out of those everyday parenting situations, and makes them

FUN instead. ‘Mommy Jingles’ has made me a better mom!”

Now Let The Magic of Song Make ALL

Your Daily Child-Raising Tasks Easier And Less Stressful


...With The Acclaimed ‘Mommy Jingles’ Musical Parenting Program

If you’ve ever...
  • struggled to diaper, clothe, or feed a squirming, uncooperative baby
  • fought with a two-year old over brushing their teeth, having a bath, or going to bed on time
  • or felt exhausted, confused, and discouraged at the end of your day, wondering when will this end, will you ever feel rested, or “why me?”
If you’ve ever thought, “There has GOT to be a better way...” Then I believe you’re going to find this letter one of the most encouraging things you’ve read in a long, long time ... and good news indeed for any mother of a baby or toddler. ...because there IS a better way!

Parenting may never have been “easy” but

it’s about to get a whole lot easier...

Hi, I’m Amy Robbins-Wilson ... creator of “Mommy Jingles”. As a mother and educator, I know exactly what it can do to the entire household when Mom has a bad day with a challenging baby or toddler. And when it gets to be day after day after day... Well, then it can sometimes be enough to make even the best mom question her knowledge, her patience, and her ability to raise her own child ... never mind what all that stress can do to your newborn or toddler. Still, if there’s one thing I’ve noticed setting good parents apart from the rest… …it’s their heartfelt desire to become even BETTER at what is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding, and heart-warming (if often frustrating and tiring) things we will ever do in our lives. I’m hoping YOU are one of those “good parents” wanting to become GREAT. Because what I’m about to share with you today is not only proven effective but even...

GUARANTEED to transform your day-to-day “Mommy Life” into

more positive learning, playing, communicating, loving, bonding time

...and even make parenting FUN!

And yes, it can quickly make you feel a more confident, capable, and GREAT mom, too. How would you like to have a powerful new tool in your “Mommy Kit” that can:
  • Make for clearer, more consistent, effective communication between mom and child
  • Provide more intimate interactions, more often
  • Boost your child’s listening skills and vocabulary
  • Instill stronger foundational skills in the areas of literacy, music, math, and speech
  • Supply instant, proven solutions to common child-raising problems
  • Increase your self-confidence as a mother
  • Reduce anxiety and stress for both mother AND child by eliminating the most common problems before they escalate
  • Result in a much better-behaved child, and a more peaceful household all-round
  • Bring greater peace and harmony to your home, and allow for more fun and happy times with your family. (It’s surprising how well-behaved our kids can be when they’re not stressed-out.)
  • Give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment, and pride in being a mom
...and so much more! Well, get ready because here it is:

Introducing Mommy Jingles, the acclaimed behavioral, coping, and

skills-development tool for babies, toddlers, and their mommies that

works like MAGIC!

“Mommy Jingles” is the complete parenting solution to an amazingly wide range of “difficult situations” with your baby, toddler, or even infant. This all-digital home study program takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through the process of using music and simple, supportive lyrics to soothe an upset, confused, or frightened child... ...while helping you feel fully confident, supportive, and proud of yourself. It gives you advanced tools for introducing your baby or toddler to music while you do your chores, run errands, and conduct everyday life. Easy to learn, Mommy Jingles turns your hectic, busy, stressful life into greater quality time with your child. You’ll love the flexibility Mommy Jingles offers you – watch and learn on your clock! No need to be online at any particular time or place to enjoy the program. You simply log in to our exclusive members’ resource center whenever it fits your schedule ... spending as much or as little time you want.
“I love that I can go back to each of the lessons as often as I want. I took a music class with my daughter once and there was not much reinforcement at home. After that week was over, the lessons were quickly forgotten. I don’t think that will ever happen with your program – especially with the reminder cards!”

- Jennifer Champagne

And there’s very little reading material, too – most of the learning is done through videos. Mommy Jingles are designed to soothe, educate, entertain ... and sometimes just to gently distract your child from his or her irritation. And the entire Mommy Jingles program and experience is designed to not only help you get the utmost from these songs ... but also make every interaction you have with your little boy or girl more rewarding, loving, and fun.
“Mommy Jingles has definitely made me a better mom, and better able to communicate with my child. It takes the stress out of everyday situations, and makes them fun instead! Throughout the day, when I’m in a moment of stress (like needing to get boots and mittens on a squirmy, resisting toddler), instead of losing my cool, I sing the conga song and it works like a charm! I highly recommend this for any parent of an infant or toddler.”

- J.S.

Mom, and Marketing Research Manager for a Fortune 50 Company

Feel free to listen to “The Conga Song”

while you continue reading...

Perhaps, like so many other parents, when you face the frustrating, often tear-filled challenges of dealing with an uncooperative, fussing, or screaming baby or toddler ... you might end up screaming, yourself. Or at the very least begin feeling confused, rushed, and generally “not up to the task”. And then maybe you find yourself lying awake at night, wondering how you could have handled things differently today... It’s not just you – we all go through it. When I first started waitressing, I was completely befuddled with all the tasks and all the responsibilities ... until one of the lead waitresses took me aside, and shared some of her “secrets of success” with me. Years later, when I brought my baby home, I wondered: “Where is that woman, now – where’s my trainer, sharing all her secrets? At times like this, when maybe we’re feeling a little sorry for ourselves, I want you to remember this very important point:

They’re just as confused and frustrated (and often scared) as you...

No child is born into this world with the sole purpose of confounding and irritating us! Your child was born with nothing but love in their heart – just like what you felt for them. They want to please you. They want to learn, and to get along. It is our job as parents simply to nurture that through love, respect and guidance. Unfortunately, in moments of stress, we so often revert back to what “comes naturally” – the same thing we experienced when we were that age! (I think by now we both know where THAT leads!) Thankfully, it’s never too late to make a change for the better. No matter how hopelessly moody, unruly, and fussy your child may SEEM at times (and I emphasize the word “seem” because, after trying Mommy Jingles, your opinion of how “difficult” your little one once was just might change forever)… really CAN turn it around – much more quickly than you ever believed possible!
“I think you are amazing. My daughter is sick and lying on the floor, and your music is the only thing soothing her and helping her fall asleep.”

- Christy Robertson

Like most other mothers I hear from, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that that this popular program isn’t “just for Junior”.

Because sometimes...

your baby isn’t the only one needing to be calmed down

Yes, Mommy Jingles not only works miracles with your child but you, too. It's amazing how quickly your irritation level drops, your heart rate slows, and everything returns to normal simply by singing one of these little tunes. Rest assured – your child picks up on your calmer mood, and this too, in addition to the song itself, helps him or her calm down faster.
“By Week 2, I was using it for my own wellness and peace of mind! It gave me a way to be in a zone of communicating and teaching and learning and having fun ... instead of getting stressed out all the time. Mommy Jingles has enabled me to be a powerful, positive mother, and proud of myself.” -Gretchen, mother of two
Unfortunately, before Mommy Jingles most of us would simply have become more and more agitated, our words and actions would reflect our building stress level, our kids would catch the vibe and become even more unruly (due to their own confusion, fear, and stress)... ... and the situation would inevitably begin spiraling downward. Thankfully, Mommy Jingles can reverse that trend instantly!
“Before Mommy Jingles, I may have found myself frustrated way before I thought of a better solution than getting upset. But this time around, I jumped right into song and all of a sudden, he was the most cooperative kid you could ever hope to meet!”

- Jessica at

You won’t know whether to laugh or cry...

The first time you sing a Mommy Jingle to your fussing, squirming, crying baby or toddler ... you may be amazed at just how quickly they settle down and become more co-operative. And you’ll begin to wonder whether perhaps you've just now begun speaking some special language your child has been waiting to hear from you all along. ...and chances are you might not know whether to laugh or cry! There’s really nothing quite like that feeling of empowerment and success you get when you realize how quickly and easily it worked, and you can finally say at last: Yes, I CAN do this! In fact, I'd like you to meet Gretchen, who recently experienced that same feeling. Just click anywhere within the video window to hear what she has to say. WARNING: This video is quite emotionally charged. So if you can't handle someone pouring their heart out in relief, joy, and gratitude ... you might just have to skip this one.  

  Am I suggesting Mommy Jingles can totally eliminate ALL stressful situations between you and your child? Of course not. But tell me this: What would your day be like today, if even 50% to 85% of those irritating situations just disappeared ... for good?

But why music ... why these little “jingles” ... and why Amy?

Research has repeatedly shown that music stimulates areas of the brain that remain little affected by speech ... so using music and speech together stimulates far more of your baby’s brain than speech alone. And children are just naturally drawn to, and even mesmerized by music, with its inherent rhythm and repetition – making it an ideal “carrier” for the lessons and values you want to impart to your young child. Plus, music is just downright soothing ... to anyone! And when that soothing music is coming from your own mouth, your baby simply cannot help feeling better. So “musical parenting” is critically important. It’s the missing link, the “parenting tune-up”, that most parents don’t even know about because no one has told you ... until now. But hey, we’re moms, not music teachers – we’re busy and exhausted! Don’t we have enough on our plates, already? How in the world are we supposed to introduce our kids to music? That’s where “these little jingles” can help. Mommy Jingles are “quick and easy!” They’re very simple, so your child has no trouble following you, and you’re not likely to forget them, once you’ve sung each one a few times. (In fact, many are sung to tunes you already know.) But the songs are really only one part of the mix. Each section brings an all-new adventure in parent-child communication, cooperation, and fun ... as together we explore the following: • “Baby Games” shows you some of the best learning games to play with your baby ... as well as how to establish a convenient clean-up cue and routine, too. • “Peaceful Transitions” helps make wake-ups gentle and play-dates peaceful ... along with minimizing separation anxiety when you and your little one are apart. • “Waking Up and Getting Dressed” makes getting dressed fun, and can get you out the door in record time. • “Car Trips and Running Errands” shows you how to turn running errands into a fun learning experience that’s less stressful for your child AND you! (Includes tips on: avoiding tantrums ... how to set expectations ... being consistent ... and how to choose your errand times wisely.) • “Bath Time” provides you plenty of ways to take full advantage of this truly incredible soothing, comforting, teaching, playing, and bonding time. • “Kitchen and Meal Time” helps you establish a routine that reduces nagging and promotes bonding and a sense of gratitude. • “Challenging Times – Potty Training, Tooth-Brushing, Hair-Washing” gives you creative mommy ideas to make these times less challenging and more fun. • “Bed Time” establishes a routine of “intimate transition” ... ensuring everyone gets enough rest every night. More than just me singing songs to your child (which, by the way, I feel very honored being allowed to do) your weekly digital training materials and resources include:
  • 8 Mommy Jingles training videos ... showing and telling how to use the jingles, providing background info on why each jingle works so well, and providing additional suggestions for handling all those daily “challenges”, big and small.
  • A downloadable book with the lyrics from all the jingles.
  • Reminder cards with lyrics. (You can print these cards, and post them wherever you are most likely to be singing that particular jingle.)
  • A “Listening Center” where you can listen to each jingle individually, as needed ... without having to search for it on the training video.
  • A special video about using music with babies who started in the NICU (like mine did). If you are a NICU mom like me, or you know one, this course is a wonderful way to gently bond with your baby and repair the stress of the neonatal intensive care unit.
And that’s not all because there are also...

Surprise bonuses and other fun things

...sprinkled in along the way – like instructional videos showing how to make and use your own instruments for accompaniment. And after these first videos are finished, you’ll continue getting access to new tools and information ... like interviews with teachers, toy store owners, brain development experts and much more to help you and your child continue bonding, growing, and communicating. Forever! Your membership in Mommy Jingles will never expire! All this at NO extra charge! You may be wondering by now just what could qualify me, Amy Robbins-Wilson, to be presenting you with such a “magic wand” like this. Well... First and foremost, I’m riding that same “mommy rollercoaster” every day, just like you. And here’s something I consider a “qualification” ... although it would never show up on a certificate, I’m sure: I really appreciate the fact that so many moms say they relate to me easily and comfortably. That means a lot to me, it really does. After all, how can I hope to help you, if we don’t connect? Anyhow, for those who like to keep track of such things, my credentials include:
  • Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Master’s Degree in Ritual Song and Chant
  • A Mom’s Choice Award-Winning Author and Recording Artist (I’m particularly proud of these honors)
  • Music teacher to preschool educators
  • Former elementary school counselor
  • Teacher
  • And yes, I AM “The Lullaby Lady” at
Of course, our unconditional instant-money-back satisfaction guarantee (I’ll give you all the details in a moment) means you don’t really have to trust just to my “qualifications”. Because let’s face it – all the certificates and “official recognition of qualification” in the world don’t mean a thing until you see the one thing that really matters: ... IT WORKS! This program gives you the know-how and the strategies PROVEN to help your children get the best start they can GET … by helping YOU become the best parent you can BE. These strategies have been tried, tested, and proven over and over, in a variety of ways...

So they’re proven … but where, and by whom? the only “experts”, and in the only “test facilities” that really matter: By moms, grandmas, babysitters, and early childhood educators ... in homes, daycare facilities, and malls across the country! My students and “testers” and I are proving the effectiveness of these simple, fun, easy-to-use-anywhere “Mommy Jingles” with our own children every day of the year!
“Amy Robbins-Wilson’s ‘Mommy Jingles’ course offers new mothers (as well as early childhood teachers) a wealth of ideas on how to sing through the day with your child, and how to ease transition times through song. Amy recognizes the special bond created when mothers sing to their babies, and shows you how easy it can be to incorporate music into your day!”

- Sarah Baldwin

Waldorf Early Childhood Educator, and owner of Bella Luna Toys

Thomaston, Maine

  “Mommy Jingles provides an inspiring and practical step-by-step guide to transforming daily life with a young child. Pure and beautiful magic that embodies profound insights as well as contemporary research. Best of all, Amy makes singing with an infant, toddler, or preschooler so easily ‘do-able’ and delightful for both parent and child.”

- Susan Silverio

Waldorf kindergarten teacher, and Lifeways instructor

Lincolnville, Maine

  And with a PhD in Education, here’s why Dr. Susan Sheridan, a mother and grandmother, absolutely LOVES Mommy Jingles!  

  One of my primary goals in designing and perfecting this program, inspired by both my own experiences as a mom and a teacher, and the feedback from my testers ... is always keeping it FUN! Fun to learn … fun to use (especially when you see all the positive changes taking place almost instantly) … and fun being a mommy again.

And the time you invest in this course

comes back to you … MULTIPLIED!

Because the improvements will be coming so quickly... You’ll soon notice you’re spending far less of your day struggling to change diapers, getting your children dressed, picking up after them, nagging, stewing, complaining to your spouse or friends, or sitting slumped in a chair during one of those rare “quiet” moments ... staring off into space and wondering “Now what?” As things become more “settled” at home, without so many tears and power-struggles … you suddenly realize you’ve made more time for yourself, and more time to actually DO things with your children – things you ENJOY doing together. And it doesn’t end with you because...

When you get it right with your children...

They only naturally have a much better chance of getting it right with their own. Just imagine the ripple effect you can have. Here’s an example of that very idea: Clayton (our son) now sings to us when we’re not paying attention, instead of getting upset and throwing a fit. His favorite jingle is “Mommy, could you please give me some attention?”

But what if I can’t sing?!

Oh, my goodness! I wish I could tell you the number of moms whose greatest fear before starting the program was that they couldn't sing well enough – that Mommy Jingles wouldn't work for them because of it, or that someone would hear them and then they'd be so embarrassed. Listen ... to your baby, you’re a rock star. End of discussion. Don’t listen to that hypercritical, American Idol world. Sure, it might help on some level if you can sing ... but it certainly isn't required. Many of these jingles are just rhythmic chants and simple melodies.
“...and while I might have felt silly practicing without my kids, it didn’t feel silly at all once I was using them with my kids. They surely didn’t think mommy was being goofy; Mommy was just being lots of fun!”
Let’s face it – they may be the only ones who can stand our singing voice, but they love it all the same! And that makes it all worthwhile. You’ll see. I ask you to also consider the following questions:
  • Even when a mother “can't sing”, she’s still building strong spiritual and emotional connections with her baby or toddler.
  • You probably sing much better than your child. Right? So do you really think they care?
“Amy’s songs are so easy to learn, easy to remember, and FUN! She literally has a short little jingle to help ease you through every part of your day with your child. The songs can be used from birth through the preschool years. Amy makes you feel good about singing to your child even if you think you’re tone deaf. This course is absolutely amazing!”

- Jennifer Saleem,

  My husband, Tim, is certainly not a great singer (sorry Honey but it’s true) ... yet he does a terrific job with chants, jingles, and goofy songs. Our son absolutely loves it when Dad joins the fun ... and it further helps in building his vocabulary.

...or have time for it?

All moms are busy – you're no exception ... especially if you have a baby or a toddler. But Mommy Jingles actually saves you time! It shows how to get more mileage out of your limited time together by turning ALL of it into QUALITY time with your child. It’s “Musical Alchemy” – turning every moment you spend with your child into gold. Plus, Mommy Jingles just naturally makes every task (like teeth-brushing, getting dressed, and going to bed) so much easier ... which usually translates into less time spent on each. The end result? You don’t need “extra time” to do this – you just need to change the way you use the time you already have. I mean, you’re going to be changing diapers anyway, right? So why not sing while doing it – especially if it could save BOTH of you heaps of time and anguish? The songs and strategies I teach here are easy to grasp, simple to use, and they work – quickly – making “Mommy Jingles” ideal for even the busiest moms.

...or the money?

  “I would ... but I just don’t have the money right now for something like this.” Well, only you know for sure, of course. Nonetheless, I ask you once again to consider a couple of questions:
  • Since your baby was born, how much have you spent on developing skills – not buying “gadgets” – to make your parenting go more smoothly, and soothingly?
  • What do you spend on entertainment, hobbies, or other things meant to ease (or at least “mask”) the stress you may be feeling due to those situations Mommy Jingles can help with?
So if you feel your kids – and the happy household and family life you’ve always dreamed of – are worth the little time and effort it takes to implement these teachings and tunes… Then I want to extend this very special invitation to you: Get started with Mommy Jingles today and claim this...

Exclusive FAST-Action Gift Bundle

Reserved Especially For You!

I’m sure we both know the ONLY way to create any kind of positive change is to take action! Yet it’s a sad fact of life that, no matter what they’re shown, or how “interesting” or “proven effective” it may be … most people never do anything about it. They just sit back and take whatever Life throws at them. Oh ... and they complain. (But that’s not you. Right?) “Nothing else has ever worked for me before, so what’s the point of trying again?” is how they usually justify their lack of initiative. Or perhaps, “None of my friends do this, so how good could it possibly be?” Or, in spite of the best intentions, they say, “I haven’t time right now – I’ll take care of this later.” Of course, we all know the typical result of this line of thinking: You set it aside … and forget it. That’s why I’m offering you these gifts, as an incentive to “take action NOW”: Lullaby CD – Lullaby and Goodnight, 33 lullabies for Babies contains over an hour of a capella lullaby music. PLUS, there is a downloadable lyrics book and a short video course on how to get the most out of your lullaby time with your baby or toddler. With 33 lullabies, it’s like getting 3 CDs in one! Mommy Meditation – this guided meditation is designed to help moms relax, and reconnect with themselves, with the spirit within. You get both the training video and a downloadable guidebook to help get rid of tension in whatever time you have available. How to Make the Perfect Nap Blanket – this is a step-by-step video guide on how to make the perfect blankie for your baby. From picking out the fabric to the ending stitches, it shows you precisely how to create your child’s portable bit of comfort that they can curl up with at night or take to daycare or preschool to remind them of home.

This generous offer won’t last forever!

The gifts I’ve set aside for you, to encourage you to get started with “Mommy Jingles” now, before your child gets any older (and you both get any more frustrated with each other) have real, lasting value. They are all items I currently sell elsewhere, or intend to begin selling soon. For this reason, I do reserve the right to withdraw this gift offer at any time. And I would truly dislike to see you miss out ... because I know how helpful you would find them. So please ... enroll today. And then relax, knowing you’ve made the best choice for your child ... and that you still have a full 60 days to prove me either right or wrong. Prove it to yourself today! In no time at all, you can begin transforming your “mommy life” into all it was meant to be, all you’ve dreamed it CAN be. “Mommy Jingles” – the complete program – is available to you today for… only 27 USD And you are never at any risk whatsoever!

Get Access Button Image

In fact…

I’m actually GUARANTEEING your total satisfaction

and your SUCCESS

These lessons are so simple to follow … these tactics so easy to implement … and the songs so effective in getting through to your child, and producing instant and long-lasting results… Simply stated, you WILL notice dramatic improvements in the way your child behaves. My goal with this course is that it overwhelmingly exceeds your expectations and provides you real, tangible, LASTING value. And I also want you to have plenty of opportunity to prove to yourself just how amazing your kids – and your relationship with them – can be … with just a little effort, and help from “Mommy Jingles”. So here’s what I’d like you to do:

Take a FULL TWO MONTHS – 60 days

…to decide this course is worth every penny to you. Use the principles and strategies contained in “Mommy Jingles” during that time, along with the songs themselves… And if you’re not thoroughly satisfied – for any reason or none at all… If you’re not positively THRILLED with the noticeable improvement in your child’s mood, behavior, and cooperation… If you don’t feel this program has been an absolute godsend for your entire family… Then I want you to let me know … and I will personally and cheerfully refund every penny you paid for the course. PLUS … you get to keep all materials and bonuses you’ve received up to that point! Total cost to you: not one red cent. That’s my iron-clad, no-hassle, cross-my-heart-and-pinky-swear PROMISE to you! I’m sure you can agree: This is such a small amount to invest in a happy, harmonious home … especially knowing you’re always protected by my 60-day money-back guarantee of your satisfaction and success.

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Here is my private wish for you and your child...

I have a dream that your child will be given the best start possible, and that you could be encouraged to get any new skills you might need to make your transition into parenting easier. My dream is that all your children will grow to be creators, not just consumers ... because they will have had a model to follow in their parents. I have a dream that you will embrace being your own child’s best teacher ... and you would invest in greater parental skill-building, instead of in mere “entertainment technology” (like video games) or programs “outside your home”. And perhaps most of all, I dream that yours can be a happy, singing family ... because those are the families who will change the world ... one child at a time.

It just makes sense...

Let me close by saying: You are ALWAYS communicating. So doesn’t it just make sense to communicate with your child in a way that is well-proven to get through to them effectively, quickly, and lastingly ... to get the results you want rather than inadvertently compounding the problem – proven daily by the real experts: Moms like you! I sincerely hope you’ll give “Mommy Jingles” a chance to prove itself in your home ... in the car ... at the park, and the mall, and anywhere else you used to encounter stressful situations with your child. ...starting today. Your child will grow up knowing ... they’re one of the lucky ones. Love and hugs – amy signature image   P.S. – Perhaps the magic of using Mommy Jingles is best summed up this way:

You just might end up having

the relationship with your child that you’ve always dreamed of…

Get Access Button Image

P.P.S – Remember, you have only a very limited time to claim your FAST-ACTION Gift Bundle – so please don’t delay another moment. And there’s never any risk to you (it’s all on MY shoulders) because you’re fully protected by my 2-Month 100% Money-Back Mommy Jingles Satisfaction Guarantee! (Remember – if you’re not happy for ANY reason, I’ll refund every penny you’ve paid ... and you even get to keep any materials and gifts you’ve received to that time.) P.P.P.S. – And now here are just a few more of the comments I hear from excited parents Here are a few comments left on our blog by happy moms:
“You have a great way of communicating from the heart the work of parenting and the simple benefits of music and song. I loved hearing it and, while I always love to sing, it's given me renewed inspiration to sing through the periodic rants of our sweet three year old.”

Best to you and yours

- Prentice (father of 3)

  “Mommy Jingles has made such a difference for us! My 2-year-old now allows her teeth to be brushed with no protest. She even looks forward to it! I highly recommend this for any parent of an infant or toddler.”

- Jennifer

  “There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING like ‘Mommy Jingles’ offered anywhere. (Trust me, I’ve looked around). Sure, there are lots of resources out there meant to help moms gently parent their children through song, but Amy's course offers so much more than just the songs.   Her approach, her suggestions, her tips and tricks, as well as the video that guides you through each lesson is so well put together, memorable, and most of all PRACTICAL.   Although my daughter was already 18 months old when I started, I was STILL able to use about 70% of the material Amy presents. This course is well worth the small monetary and time investment.   Thank you Amy. You’ve helped me reframe how I interact with my daughter during those more trying aspects of our day: teeth brushing, getting dressed, getting into the car seat, etc. You are a blessing to peaceful parenting!”

- anonymous


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