mr moon has come to see

This is a lullaby that I played for my daughter when she was a baby at bath time in preparation for bed. It has a very special meaning but we don't remember all the lyrics. Please help.

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Oct 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

We have now bought two copies and my little grandson adores the CD Lullaby Magic, his favorites being Big Balloon and Mr Moon. Again, Thank you! This will hopefully be a song that stays in our family for generations x x x :)

Sep 05, 2014
mr moon
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much, I hope you see this message. We have spent years searching for this and you replied last October 13. My daughter happened to search again today when she was playing music for my grandson AND....... here is your message. This has brought us to tears as my daughter is now 18 years old. My 29 year old daughter and I are in tears. Thank you x

Oct 10, 2013
Mr moon
by: Dimmy

I searched high and low for this lullaby as it holds such special memories for my daughter and me too, the version we listened to is sung by the Jamborees and you can get it on iTunes for about 89p

Mr moon has come to see if baby's fast asleep
And if baby's fast asleep then mr moon his watch will keep

He'll shine his silver light upon baby's sleeping head
He'll fill the room with friendly beams around baby's bed

Repeat first bit

He'll keep a guard up in the sky with all his starry friends
He'll stay there till the morning untill the night time ends

Repeat first bit

Hope this is the right one x

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