Nappy Time

by Kristy
(Garner, NC)

Nappy time's a happy time for children & for mothers
to cuddle up & snooze awhile, tucked beneath the covers.

We read a book & bounced a ball....

And that is where my memory fails me. It is such a cute song!

I had a wonderful CD of lullaby's of which this was one of the songs that I (at the time) memorized (but have since forgotten) & sang to my sons who are now 12 & 7. I lost the CD between my 1st & 2nd son. I've been trying desperately to find it because it also has 2 other songs I love & sang to them. I'd like to have it for when/if I have grandkids. The other 2 songs were Appalachian Lullaby & Cradle of Love.

Does anyone know the name of this CD or where I can find it? Thank you for any help you can give!

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Jun 18, 2017
Thank you!! NEW
by: Kristy

Thank you so much Anonymous & Thank you so, so much Krista for the link to youtube & the album name! I actually read your comment a few days after you posted but forgot to comment back. I have so enjoyed being able to listen to all the songs again. I haven't tried to get my hands on a copy of the CD yet or look to see if I can download the songs but I will. Thanks again so very much!!

Apr 04, 2017
Link to Nappy Time on Youtube NEW
by: Krista

This album was a favorite at our house also! Just today my 17 year old son sent me a link to his favorite... Hop Little Bunnykins. It means so much he remembers! I was look for the Nappy Time song also and came across your post, hope you get this comment even though it was posted long ago!

May 17, 2014
Nappy time
by: Anonymous

It goes:
Nappy time is a happy time
For children and for mothers
To snuggle up and snooze awhile
Tucked beneath the covers
Sun's gone to sleep for now
The stars are out to play
Nappy time is a happy way to end a happy day.

We had a pretty busy day
We played with all our toys

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