Oh Little Ollie and his umbrella

Oh Little Ollie and his umbrella, the children love him the funny fellow.
When a child into dreamland sails, he tells them wonderful fairly tales.

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Nov 05, 2023
Grade school in southern Arkansas NEW
by: Anonymous

I learned this shirt lullaby when in grade school. I sang it to all my children. It is one of the sweetest memories I have.

Jul 05, 2021
Words to " Little Olie" NEW
by: Anonymous

Here are the words we sang in grade school (1936)

Gay little Olie with his umbrella
Knows every child in the town they say
For he comes creeping with merry capers
To sit beside them at close of day.

Then gently opening his small umbrella
He spreads it lightly above their heads
And then he tells them his wondrous stories
The while they dream safely in their beds.

About the bright circling stars he tells them
Of elves and gnomes dwelling here below
About those gentle and friendly fairies
That all earth's children would like to know.

Be sure, if children obey their parents
Are kind and gentle at work and play
When twilight comes, the gay little Olie
To their small pillow will find his way.

Jun 04, 2021
Little Ollie NEW
by: Frances Smeath

I have no idea where or when my sisters and I learned this lullaby, but (without attempting any criticism of over versions) I do like the lyrics we learned better than the ones posted so far. Just to compare, we sang:

When little Ollie, with his umbrella
Came in the night-time, the funny fella,
With drowsy children, he nods his head,
And gently leaves them asleep in bed.

I wish I could reproduce the melody for you -- it always seemed to me to be particularly haunting in an evocative, beautiful way, very quiet and soothing, something a fretful child might be comforted by.

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