Rock A Bye Baby
with Positive Lyrics

The traditional Rock A Bye Baby lyrics include boughs breaking and cradles falling. These were not the comforting messages we wanted to convey to our baby.

Although we loved hearing his Grammie sing the original song to our son, we wrote new lyrics when it was our turn to sing.

Here are alternative words that we used:

Rock a bye baby here in my arms
Though the wind blows it means you no harm
Sleep little baby close to my chest
Angels watch over you as you rest.

Rock a bye baby Mamma loves you
Puppy dogs bark and kittens they mew.
Close your eyes baby don’t you weep
Mamma will hold you now as you sleep.

Dream little baby, safe on my arm
I will keep you safe and warm.
Sleep little baby, no worries to hold
You are a treasure more precious than gold.

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