Shawn Mullins Lullaby

Shawn Mullins Lullaby is an interesting story of a stage performer who notices a woman in his audience. It speaks to how professional artists are so accustomed to being on stage that they are both performing and interracting with their audience. In this case, he wants to consol and comfort a young woman from the upper celebrity crust who looks stressed out.

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Like most of the best songs, Lullaby tells a story. It draws you in with an interesting picture of a young woman who's parents throw parties attended by people who are celebrities. The plot thickens as the young woman appears stressed and unable to relax to the singer on stage so he reaches out with a song. Great imagery couple with an engaging, journey like melody define this interesting, Grammy nominated song.

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Shawn Mullins is an american singer-songwriter who typically can be found doing folk rock or instrumental rock. His greatest commercial success so far has been Lullaby but his song Shimmer is well known in Australia and he is very prolific having produced 18 CDs in the last 20 years. Go Shawn Go.

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