sleep sweetly little Jesus

my precious son

my precious son

I sang it to my son at christmas when I was pregnant and at his first Christmas. He's in heaven now. at the age of 26 he passed from SAD. I miss him and I just wanted to hear that song again.

Sleep sweetly little Jesus in your bed of hay,
rest gently little jesus till the break of day,
angels watch over you through the night,

It's hard to imagine your vision here on earth when I look into the innocence of your eyes. Here lies the Savior...and I can't remember any more.

Please help me find this song

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Dec 14, 2018
A few more of the words NEW
by: Laurie

I too am sorry for your loss! This time of years makes it so hard!

I was looking for the rest of the words to this song myself - and your post is all I have found so far. You do have the first stanza as I remember it except that I thought the second line also started with 'Sleep sweetly'. There is also a second stanza which I am having trouble remembering. I think one of the lines ends with the words 'do not turn away'.

The bridge goes like this:

It's hard to imagine
Your mission here on earth
As I look upon the innocence of your face

Here in this place lies
The hope of all mankind
Heres lies Gods instrument of Grace

Then the first stanza is repeated.

It is a beautiful song! I hope we can both find the whole thing someday! And may God richly bless you this Christmas season!

Nov 04, 2011
Our Condolences
by: Amy Robbins-Wilson

Our condolences on your loss. It is unimaginable. We're looking but haven't found anything in our immediate library. We'll keep at it. Also, I have a CD out for those who have lost a child. Check out this page to see videos with the music.

And I'll let you know ASAP if we find this song.


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