sleep tight all through the night

by lee spiring
(hull england)

sleeeeep tight, all through the night, I will stay here till your gone.............sleep tight all through the night, shhhh shhhh shhhh

the song was played every night on holiday in pegasos word turkey, my 2 yeard old son loved it

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Oct 02, 2020
Only can provide a clue NEW
by: Anonymous

Try to find by: Suntopia hotels music - ghost lullaby

Oct 04, 2019
heard in Turkey NEW
by: Andrea

Me too :( Someone share a tittle and a link to get to THAT song :D

PS: also heard in Turkey in late september!

Sep 12, 2019
Same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Im here now. Same problem. Canˋt find the song.

Feb 02, 2019
I was there.. NEW
by: Greg

.. I heard it, I loved it, I couldn't find it anywhere. Even Shazam didn't help. I don't even know the actual title. Google doesn't know the words.

"When the wind blows and touches my face
I know its you starting your chase
Sleep tight all through the night
Shhh shhh shhh"

What a pitty. If you happen to find it, will you let me know?

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