Something about a little girl left in the snow

My great-grandmother used to sing this to me and I always cried for the little girl left on the doorstep in the snow. It went something like please don't leave me out here to be so cold and I forgot the rest. I am from southern Georgia if that helps.

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Feb 02, 2013
Orphan Girl
by: Anonymous

I think you're wanting the old Appalachian song usually called the "Orphan Girl" or "No home"

No home no home cried the little girl
At the door to the rich man's hall

It has a bunch of verses and there are lots of variants on the web. I can't remember all of them.

Her clothes were rags, and her feet were bare
And the snowflakes covered her head.
Let me come in, she tearfully cried
Please give me a piece of bread

The rich man lay on his velvet couch
and he dreamed of his silver and gold
While the orphan lay in the snow outside
and murmered "so cold, so cold"

I think you can find doc watson singing it on youtube, or if not hime, then someone else

Oct 26, 2011
orphan girl left in the snow
by: Grace

I believe I know the song you are seeking. It is not the little match girl ( although similar in subject). It is very OLD and called 'Little orphan girl' She sits on the rich mans step and begs for a crust of bread cold so cold. It can be found on the CD 'The Essential Doc Watson'- it is #18 on the Album. I hope this is the one you are looking for.

Nov 10, 2010
Could it be "The Poor Little Match Girl"?
by: Tim of Lullaby-Link

This sounds a lot like the Poor Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson. Here's a link to the story.

Poor Little Match Girl

Is this the story? Maybe she set it to music.

Hope this helps.

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