Thats what God made mothers for

by Lawaine Van Eyck
(Wilbur by the Sea, Florida)

To watch over you when a baby, to sing you to sleep with her song,
To try to be near you to comfort and cheer you
To teach you the right from the wrong.
To do all she can to make you a man
And over a million things more
To sigh for you, cry for you, yes, even die for you
That's what God made mothers for.

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Feb 16, 2021
Memories of childhood in 1930/s NEW
by: Stanley Povah McRae

I’m nearly 90 and my mam taught me this song when I was just a toddler.
The music and words were written by Leo Wood and its was published by Francis, Day and Hunter Ltd London.

Use link to hear it sung by Henry Burr on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy it.

Aug 24, 2018
Music NEW
by: Val

Yes there is music to this song. It is being sung this Saturday at my moms funeral. 8-25-2018

Aug 02, 2018
by: Helen


Is there any music for this lullaby ?

My mother taught me this when I was a child, but I'm not sure of the music.

Do you know how old it is ?

Thank You

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