The Father Remembers You

by Bonnie Van der Mark

My mother sang this to me. I remember singing it in Sunday School. I simply cannot find the music for it! I would like to make a recording of it for my future grandchildren to listen to. Thanks!

Here are the lyrics:

What would I do, if the trees were gone, said a dear little bird I knew. There'd be nothing to build my nest upon, and what would my babies do? What would my babies do? But the trees are here little birdie dear, for the Father remembers you.

What would I do, if the birds were gone, said a beautiful, spreading tree. There'd be nothing to grace my branches green and never a song for me. Never a song for me. But the birds are here for the Father dear remembers both bird and tree.

Please let me know if there's a source for the music?

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Aug 19, 2021
Remembering the Tune
by: Charmaine

Thank you, I remember the tune but never had the words of this song. Now I have the words, thank you. I can hum the tune to you. 😃

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