To watch over you when a baby

by Janet Appleyard
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

Words to Lullaby:

To watch over you when a baby,
to sing you to sleep as a child,
To always be near you,
to comfort and cheer you,
to teach you the right from the wrong..

To do all she can,
just to make you a man,
and over a thousand (hundred?) things more..

To sigh for you,
cry for you -
Yes! Even die for you..
That's what God made mothers for.

Information about the song: I know nothing other than it was almost certainly English in origin.
I worked out the notes (melody) to this lullaby (by ear), if anyone is interested. unfortunately, I haven't got any of the duration of the notes (crotchet, semi-breve etc.), which might make it difficult, though.

The lullaby he reserved for little special private moments (e.g. polishing shoes on the back porch) was Liebesträume (If you check Wikpedia, this was only the third of three Lizst wrote, all named the same. He knew it in an older English and in German, too.

Information about me:
My Dad (now deceased)was as old as most of my peers Grandfathers. He was the only surviving child of an English couple who came to Western Australia. (His little brother died from scarlet fever in infancy or before the age of 2, anyway.) He lived in Perth suburbia (West Leederville) in the days when you didn't lock your doors and people used to sing around the piano - lucky ducks in my opinon!

Dad and I used to sing around the dishes (He'd wash, I'd dry - dishwashers only became more common when I was at high school - my family never had one.) My brother and mother would go: "They're off again!" That didn't bother us!
I also learnt many songs from the First WW, that Dad's Mother had taught HIM; also many of the songs popular with Dad's generation, as well as songs from the Second WW (which he flew in, based in Darwin). He also taught me to love G & S and "My Fair Lady" and many other fine musicals of that time. My own generation song's (teenage years) was at the time of ABBA. I loved them all.

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Sep 19, 2022
Song NEW
by: Susan

So glad I’m not the only one who has heard of this song, looked on YouTube and it’s not there so very much appreciate your write up as I wasn’t sure of all the words. Lovely memories my Mum used th sing it to us 4 children, she was a widow and very poor so we would go to bed early and sing, this was one of my favourites so thank you

May 19, 2017
Too watch over you when a tiny babe NEW
by: Drew Anonymous

Afternoon , my mum came from Tasmania, she sang it to me , always made me cry , (as she always sick ) The start of the song went like this , Last night I I dreamt I saw my mother kissing me goodbye , oh her heart was breaking tears were in her eyes , she whispered boy don't let this parting greave you any more , just remember just one thing what god made mothers for , then the verse , beautiful song , I sang it to my 2 , when they were babies , mums been gone 30 years , but still brings a tear when I sing it ,

Sep 29, 2014
Yes,I remember it well ....
by: Mr Thomas Wiseman

Thank you very much for making a record of the words to this song.

Mr Thomas Wiseman is 98 years old and living in Colchester, England and remembers his mother singing this lullaby to him as a small child in 1918 (approx.) in the family home in Sible Heddingham, Essex.

Oct 05, 2013
That's What God Made Mothers For.
by: Paul Harrison

These 'Mother' songs must be about the must be among the most sentimental ever written. The lyrics can be found on the 'net, I shall be uploading a recording on Youtube today.

Mar 02, 2013
Mothers song
by: LC

My husband who is 88 always wanted to know the words of this song so i am glad he now has them and can sing it all the way though we come from Liverpool so heard that song a lot i always remember my mum singing the song I'm not a millionaire and that has lovely words to it

Jan 15, 2013
Mom sang in Church
by: Anonymous

I was about 5 or 6 or 7 when my parents and my 3 older brothers went to church (Episcopal) every Sunday in Philadelphia PA. Occasionally my Mother would go to the pulpit and sing a song. I remember she sang, "That's What God Made Mothers For". I was always afraid her voice would crack or she would forget the words. Nothing ever happened.
The song was written in 1917 and I secretly loved to hear it.
I will be 82 years old in October of '13.
And...I still love riding my 800lb Yamaha Motorcycle in and around Los Angeles.
Dave C.

Sep 01, 2012
Baby song
by: Anonymous

Baby song

To watch over you when a baby,
to sing you to sleep with a song,
to comfort and cheer you,
to guide and be near you, to teach
you the right from the wrong.
to do all she can to make you a man
and yes there(s) a million things more
to cry for you sigh for you yes even die
for you, thats, what God made mothers for.

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