wake up buttercup, come come, get up, get up, open your eyes

My grandfather used to sing this to me...now I have my own little baby and I want so badly to share this with her. Please help!

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Feb 28, 2024
My Dad's wake-up song for 4 kids NEW
by: Anonymous

It's interesting in my family with 3 other older siblings...My Dad was born in 1910...unfortunately died when I was only 10yrs old...a slight variance of memory for this song: Do most here believe it comes out of Kate Smith song "Here Comes The Sun" (1930?)?

FYI....interesting the kind of memories one has compared to the family:

Here are the variations of memory of Dad's song....

(Something) buttercup
Get up, get up

Wake up little buttercups wake up.🎡🎡🎢🎢

M (via asking his son):
🎢 Wake up buttercup
Come come get up get up
Time to start the day
Wake up you sleepyhead
It's time to play! 🎢

Come, come, get up, get up,
Wake, little buttercup,
Here comes the sun,
Wake up your sleepy head,
Come on, get out of bed,
Let's have some fun!

Mar 17, 2023
Best days of my life NEW
by: Jacob Voss

My great grandma sung it to me daily

Wake up wake up wake up
The buttercup, here comes the sun.

Open your sleepy eyes
Look at the morning skies
Your day is here


Jan 18, 2017
awesome ideas NEW
by: Wendy

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Oct 09, 2014
Another version
by: Anonymous

My mom used to sing
Wake up buttercup
Come on get up get up
Here comes the sun!
Open your sleepy eyes
Look at the morning skies
Daydreams begun!

May 20, 2012
Wake with the buttercups
by: Anonymous

All I remember my Dad singing was:
Wake with the buttercups, come on, get up, get up.
Here comes the sun.
Come on, you sleepy head.
Get up, get out of bed.
Here comes the sun.

(he once sang this, improvising with a little 'soft shoe', lost his balance and fell through the bedroom door, which had to be repaired)

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