when I go to heaven mama will the angels let me play

in the yard where children were playing wistfully.. it seemed so sad he could not play with all the other children ... tell daddy how I've waited for a kiss upon my cheek.. that night when all was silent the angels came that way and they took him up to heaven so he wont have to say when I go to heaven mama will the angels let me play?

Does anyone know the name of this song?

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Sep 29, 2019
Mama When I Go to Heaven
by: Mantarae

My mom sang this to me as had her mom, my grandma did to her growing up. The words are a little different. My version goes:
In a yard where some children were playing games one day, a little tot so lonely came watching by their side,
it seemed so hard she couldn't play like all the children did, and so she ran to mama and this is what she said...
Mama when I go to Heaven, will the angels let me play? Just because I am so little, will they say I'm in the way? Here the children never want me, I'm a bother they all say. When I go to Heaven Mama, will the angels let me play?
I'm so tired dear mama the little darling said. please rock me just a little, and then put me to bed. I wish that daddy would come home before I go to sleep. Just tell him how I waited for his kiss upon my cheek.
That night in all the silence the angels came that way, and took the little darling whose sweet lips seem to say...(chorus)

This is the version I grew up with and the one I passed on to all my children and they sung it to their children, etc... (Made me cry when I was little) AHHHHH....sweet memories!!!

Mar 27, 2019
Mama when I go to heaven NEW
by: Anonymous

I know the song ! I learned it when I was younger but can’t remember all the words

Mar 02, 2019
Found it NEW
by: Anonymous

I have found it listed online as "The Litte Crippled Girl" and "Will the Angels let me play".

My mother-in-law also sang it, but with a different tune that the one recorded here. http://web.lyon.edu/wolfcollection/songs/feltslittle1255.html

Aug 26, 2017
Its "will the angels let me play" NEW
by: Anonymous

I searched so long for it because it was my grandmother's favorite song and after she died i couldn't find it anywhere till Google and my stepdad helped me

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