when it's dark in the night

When it's dark in the night just rememeber the light uuuuuuuuu...i am right hear with you uuuuuuu...when it's dark in the room know the light from the moon is still shining....so don't be afraid when the light begins to fade my little one.uuuuuuuuu i am right here with you uuuuuuu

I used to play this Cassette for my children when they were little at their bed time, now that they are all 14 yrs and over they want me to find the Cassette and I can't find it. I thought I had it put away in a safe place and I can't find it : ( I have been searching the internet for months. The name of the cassette was moon beams, there were also some French songs on there and a song sung by a man's voice about a little brown dog. Can anyone help me find this CD ?

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