while the animals nap, sleep tight mr. farmer

by Mariah Conrad
(Athens, PA)

please help! There were other songs on this cassette as well such as

"Tic, Tock, the clock. Tip, Toe, the maid. Purr, Purr, the cat. SNORE, we know where grandpa's at."

"This is the quiet time, the quiet time, you can almost hear the world turning at quiet time."
Another song was...
"Close those little eyes and go off to sleep, close those little eyes and go off to sleep, close those little eyes and go off to sleep- all night long."

"Sleep tight dog, Sleep tight Mr. Farmer, While the animals nap"

Amazing tape, helped myself and my younger sister sleep soundly through the night, if anyone can help I would be eternally grateful!

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Apr 23, 2023
The search is over NEW
by: Allison

I had scoured the internet in search of these lullabies with no luck. NOTHING had been posted on the internet from it. I was beginning to think that this part of my childhood would just slip away and dissolve into a distant memory.

I can thank my mother for hanging onto her cassette tapes for over 25 years! And thank my uncle for digitizing the tapes two years ago!

I'm almost 30 and every once in a while I'll play these songs because they still give me the same feelings I had listening to them as a baby.

Hope the link works for everyone.

Lullabies From The Heart -


Jan 26, 2019
Has anyone found?
by: Ledlie

I am looking for this also!

Feb 22, 2017
Lullabies NEW
by: Anonymous

Played this for my babies and would love it for my grandkids. Does anyone remember the name of it

Jul 29, 2016
Looking for this very song! NEW
by: Kat

I've been searching for this song (or the tape it was on) for years! I loved this tape when I was little, and I'm a mother now, and I am desperate to find it for my own kiddos. I remember the sleep tight mr. farmer part, and I recall that she sang about each animal falling asleep. Her voice was so soothing and calm.

Jul 02, 2014
Me too
by: Anonymous

I have been trying to find them too. Quiet Time is one of my kids favorites

Feb 25, 2014
Looking for thr same
by: KJ

I loved those songs and only have them on cassette have been looking for them on CD but don't even know who sings them. :'(

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