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Angels watch over my Mommy,
Grant her a lifetime of your care
So that even though I cannot be with her
I'll know you will always be there.

Angels watch over my Daddy,
Grant him a lifetime of your love
So that even though my eyes are closed
I'll know that you watch over from above.

Angels watch over my baby,
Grant him your laughter and joy.
For there is no one on earth any dearer,
to me, than my little baby boy

Angels watch over my baby
Bless every eyelash and curl
For there is no one on earth any dearer to me
Than my little baby girl.

Angels watch over our family,
Grant us a lifetime of your care
So that even though we cannot be together
We’ll know you will always be there.

Background Information

On our wedding day, we collected fabric from our friends and family. I was sewing it into a wedding quilt when this song came to me.

At the time I wondered, “Why would I ever be separated from my son? Why would angels need to watch over him? Why wouldn’t I be there?”

A few weeks later, our son was born prematurely in an emergency C-section due to a placental abruption (severe hemorrhage). We both lost a lot of blood and he nearly died. Through the morphine, this is the song I did my best to sing to him just before he was taken to an ambulance and transported to a larger hospital. Because I was still recovering myself, I could not be moved with him.

It was then that I was profoundly grateful that the angels had done what they could to prepare me for his birth and our separation. And now, I am grateful to be able to share this adaptation of the lullaby with the parents and families of angel babies.

To learn about the original version that I sang it to my son that day, visit Angels Watch Over My Baby (boy version).

You can find the version for girls here.

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