Top 10 Lullabies

Here are the top 10 lullabies based on our best information. We have videos of all of these melodies and lyrics. Just click on the link you want to see.

These top ten lullabies are a wonderful collection of music from around the world. All Through the Night is from the welsh lullaby tradition. Brahms' Lullaby is from Germany, Toora Loora Loora is from Ireland, Hush Little Baby from the USA and Kumbaya from the southern spirituals of the southern USA. All of them timeless contributions to the western lullaby tradition. Enjoy.

1. Kumbaya

2. Baa Baa Black Sheep

3. Swing Low Sweet Chariot

4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

5. Hush Little Baby (Traditional) / (We're big fans of Hush Little Digger, too.)

6. Brahm's Lullaby

7. All Through The Night

8. All the Pretty Little Horses

9. An Irish Lullaby (Toora Loora Loora)

10. Sleep My Baby (also known as Suo Gan)

Honorable Mentions

The Moon Lullaby

All Night, All Day

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